May 22, 2024

A classic Easter egg: this is how the hidden Instagram game begins

Instagram has a hidden game.


A classic hidden object game on Instagram. This is how you can play ping pong.

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  • If you're tired of Instagram photos and videos, just start the game.
  • The classic game of Pong hidden in the chat function.
  • Here the emoji of your choice becomes the game.

Pong is considered one of the first computer games, and there are countless new versions of the table tennis tradition. But now you can also play Pong in an app that almost everyone already has installed: Instagram.

Pong is hidden in the Photos app as an Easter egg that can be accessed with a little trick. All you have to do is write a direct message to an Instagram contact of your choice or simply to yourself. The message must consist of one random emoji. Finally, tap the emoji in the chat window, which then turns into a pong ball.

It is not yet activated for all users

Now you can play Pong against the Instagram app. The process is very simple, with the paddle at the bottom, you have to keep the emoji ball on the playing field, which covers the entire screen. The counter shows how many times the ball has already been hit.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to achieve more than one new high score. You also can't play against your friends. Unfortunately, the function has not yet been activated for all users. So, if emoji pong doesn't start for you, just try again after a few days.

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