November 28, 2023

4-2 win in Hallenstadion - SCB finds its way to success with black-sport

4-2 win in Hallenstadion – SCB finds its way to success with black-sport


After 4-game losing streak, Bern won another match in the National League.

Who would have thought? SC Bern, who has been in crisis for months, finds its way back to victory at Hallenstadion in all places. Even more surprising: “Mutzen” in the play of power makes the initial decision.

First shorter …

Prior to the duel with ZSC, Bernese had not scored an outdated goal in 34 consecutive minutes. Even during a penalty kick against Marco Pedretti in the first third, the visitors were unsuccessful.

When Pedretti went into the penalty area again in the 28th minute due to a handicap, a goal was scored – but on the wrong side. Sven Andregeto closed off a 1: 2 counterattack.

… then two of the force targets

Now the SCB could have disintegrated, but the opposite was true: After 23 seconds of Andrighetto’s goal, Tristan Scherwey scored to make it 3-1 and thus ended the nearly 37-minute drought in Bern.

And the bottom of the table tasted it: 13 seconds before the second third break, Scherwey again made the initial decision with a goal of tough play.

Two other duels are outstanding

For Byrne, this is the first success after the quarantine and the first of three since January 5 (against Ambry). The Lions couldn’t hide the fact that they had lost a number of key players (Gareth Roe joined recently).

After all, Zurich will soon have a chance for revenge: on this day and next Friday, the two teams will meet again in Bern.

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