February 22, 2024

20 countries want to triple nuclear energy: the nuclear hammer at the climate conference | Life and knowledge

All nuclear power plants are connected to the grid for greater climate neutrality!

About 20 states now require it United Nations Climate Change Conference in Dubai. The United States of America, France, Great Britain and the host country the United Arab Emirates, among others, have published a statement. In it they claim proven ability in the world Nuclear power plants to triple by 2050.

Belgium, Finland, Japan, Poland, Sweden and Ukraine were among the signatories to the statement, which was read by US climate representative John Kerry. But not Russia and China, which also have a large number of nuclear power plants. Unsurprisingly, Germany was not among the signatories to the agreement after phasing out nuclear weapons this year.

Kerry referred to scientific statements stating that climate neutrality by 2050 “cannot be achieved” without nuclear energy. It is also important for international financial institutions to encourage the expansion of the use of nuclear energy, which is currently excluded in their regulations. Background: Critics point to the risks associated with nuclear power, unresolved waste disposal issues, and high costs.

Germany stopped using nuclear energy to generate power in April. Its share in global electricity generation is currently approximately ten percent. The peak reached 17.5 percent in 1996.

The focus of the climate conference is on expanding the use of renewable energies. On Friday, a majority of more than 110 countries backed the goal, also supported by Germany, of tripling its production by 2030. At the same time, energy efficiency should be doubled.

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