February 22, 2024

Stiko recommends the dengue vaccine when traveling to endemic areas

The Qdenga vaccine can be used to vaccinate people who have already had a first dengue infection. Viral infection should be confirmed by laboratory diagnosis. People aged four years and over are being vaccinated. Stiko and DTG released the information on Thursday.

The vaccination consists of two doses, the second is given after three months. Primary immunization is recommended for people who wish to travel to endemic areas where the risk of infection is high.

Dengue virus is the most common virus transmitted to humans by mosquitoes worldwide. About 99 percent of cases reported in Europe involve travelers returning from affected areas. The first infection with dengue viruses is usually asymptomatic or mild. However, in the case of a second infection, the risk of a severe course increases significantly.

Stiko cannot yet rule out the possibility that people who have never had the disease could develop a more severe course of the disease after infection. Therefore, Stiko does not issue a general recommendation for vaccination at this time.

Dengue fever has been widespread for many decades, especially in tropical and subtropical regions. The virus is transmitted primarily by yellow fever mosquitoes and sometimes by the Asian tiger mosquito. Due to the effects of climate change, the Asian tiger mosquito is also widespread in Switzerland.

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