February 29, 2024

Minister Blom praises the University of Regensburg

Once a year, at Dies Academicus, the university community looks back on the past academic year, honors outstanding achievements in research and teaching and together remembers the beginning of studies in the winter semester of 1967/68. In his speech, University President Udo Hippel highlighted the university’s growing international network and also complained about funding gaps.

Markus Bloom (CSU) sent his regards via video message. Regensburg is “a great place to study, not only because of the university, but also because of the high density of bars,” Blom said. Finally, he congratulates the rector on his third re-election: “You are about to become the Angela Merkel of the University of Regensburg.” He praised the new university innovation law in Bavaria, which his ministry launched last year. “Here in Bavaria we don’t stumble, we rely on smart people.”

Criticism from student representatives

However, criticism of the new law came from student representatives. In contrast to other federal states, this will not have a significant impact on Bavarian universities. Student spokeswoman Franziska Grotz said: “We have to hope that the university administration will listen to the requests for change.”

Bloom’s new higher education law still does not reflect that. Student spokesman Kasper Hessinger denounced the handling of “sexual assaults” and educational injustice. Whether one can successfully complete a course of study still depends a lot on the entry requirements of the student’s CV. The obstacles facing BAföG are still very high.

The number of new students is greater than 2022

President Udo Hippel was pleased with the good numbers: the first semester had 300 more students than the previous winter semester. “Our first-year students come to a strong, connected and global university with a lot of potential,” says Heppell.

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Finally, several professors have awarded various prizes to particularly successful students and people who have made outstanding contributions to the University of Regensburg. Ivana Dinjic received the award from the German Academic Exchange Service. One of the recipients of the Medal of Honor from the University of Regensburg was Sigrid Merle, who worked in the university administration for many years.