February 25, 2024

17 funny database posts for anyone waiting for their train

January 25, 2024 at 6:36 pm01/26/2024, 07:04

There is a strike at Deutsche Bahn. again.

Those affected are the passengers. At least some of them seem to be taking the delays and cancellations with good humor. What else is left for them?

Here are some of the funniest DB memes and posts for those stranded to watch while waiting for the strike to end.

It's not easy. Not again.

DB Memes: Railroad Strike

Common suffering is double suffering. Or so.

Funny posts about DB railway strike
Funny posts about DB railway strike

Photo: S/Twitter

We all know the answer.

Deutsche Bahn memes with Anakin and Star Wars


Staying home forever is nice too.

Memes database


Yay! Gifts in January!

Always be positive.

Memes database

This opens up entirely new career opportunities.

Database strike

But no one can really expect that.

Database strike

Oh – the hair!

If nothing works, only sarcasm will help.

To strike.  Mimi postilion Deutsche Bahn

Photo: Postillion

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Or in other words:

Can anyone ever think of a bathroom?

when or if.


Deutsche Bahn memes

Well, of course you could say…

a surprise

Oh. there he is.

At least the database can laugh at itself.

If you're funny, you can work in Watson's Fun Department. Or in the database as a controller.

Funny tweet about DB railway strike
Funny article about DB railway strike

Funny slideshow to go with:

In a bad mood and under pressure from passengers? You even have to laugh at those train ads.

More on the Deutsche Bahn strike:


locomotive watson!


locomotive watson!

May I offer? locomotive watson! Photo: R.S.B

Source: rbh

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