July 13, 2024

£10 wine for school raffle – fury at PM Sunak gift

£10 wine for school raffle – fury at PM Sunak gift

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Updated on 07/02/2023 at 12:48 PM

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has sparked outrage over his contribution to a school raffle. A bottle of wine is worth 11.64 euros – not enough, according to the head of the school union.

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The British Prime Minister has won a £10 bottle of wine for a school raffle in his constituency Rishi Sunak Aroused anger. “Frankly, we were shocked,” Mel Wise, president of the Schools Union, told the Sunday Mirror. “The children in his constituency seem to be worth ten pounds to him.”

The newspaper reported that it was the cheapest bottle of wine on sale in UK supermarkets. Sonak signed to the label.

The richest prime minister in British history

The 43-year-old is considered the richest head of government in British history, also due to the wealth of his wife, Akshata Murti. The couple recently donated millions of dollars to the former American Morty College and £100,000 to the elite former school in Sunak.

Wise stressed that it did not order thousands. “But anything over £10 we could sell at auction would have been fine.” Leyburn Primary School needs £10,000 to replace 15-year-old computers for all children. (dpa)

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