July 17, 2024

you are fired.  Here are the show predictions from Premier League coaches

you are fired. Here are the show predictions from Premier League coaches

More football in the new season

The countdown is on! The Premier League will resume play on July 22. With Blue Sport, you are also in the front row with the new mode. And not just in the Premier League.


Four of the twelve Premier League clubs are starting the 2023/24 season with a new manager. Not everyone will survive this, at least it will be quite a surprise.

The 2000/01 season did not witness the dismissal of coaches in the Swiss First League. Since then, at least four coaches have had to leave their positions early each season—21 times there have been more than four. With Sion, the club with the most wear and tear has relegated, but even so there are some shaky favourites.

Everything you need to know about the new Super League mode

Different stages, different combos, different number of home games? The new Super League mode causes confusion. Blue Sport brings light into the darkness.


🚀 Blue Sport will also broadcast all Premier League matches live in the season, which begins on July 22.

These trainers are particularly at risk

The more you see, the greater the danger to the trainer.

Magnin fulfilled his mission, and Lausanne, which is second in the table behind Everdon, is promoted to the Super League. The appearances of magnanimous men were rarely intoxicating. Lausanne’s claim would be that it had nothing to do with relegation. If a club still doesn’t have a cushion in No. 11 and No. 12 after ten match days, it should already be uncomfortable for the coach.

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Weiler is following in great footsteps, because Alain Geiger has achieved a lot as a Servette coach. In his first season (2018/19) he led Servette back to the Premier League and then took his team to fourth, third, sixth and second place in the First Division respectively. Even more surprising, they did not want to extend the contract with Geiger – because Geiger would have liked to continue. In principle, this can only mean that Servette is striving for the title. From this point of view, there is a good chance that Weiler will not live up to expectations and will have to vacate the position earlier than he would like – despite the fact that he has a contract until the summer of 2025.

With a bullish Stade Lausanne O’Shea, they probably won’t lose their nerve right away if the start to the season is a bit slow. But just a statement from club president Vartan Cermaks makes you split your ears. said in one Blake interview: “If the budget has to be corrected as an emergency, I will do it.” In other words, he has a lot of money, so changing a coach doesn’t become a financially tightrope job. And although Teddy Oko, the most important player, has left the club for Lucerne, the ambitions are clear: “We want to position ourselves somewhere in the middle of the field into a lower midfield, of course avoiding relegation,” says Sermax.

Basel are still a club with big ambitions and Timo Schultz knows that, he likes to dream big for himself. But his job is not easy, because FCB has to deal with a major upset again this season – the 45-year-old cannot find a well-trained team. However, if in the winter it turns out that the second place is in danger, then the new FCB coach will not survive the season. But if the German can put together a unit that can even stand up to the YB on a good day, he’ll be sitting safely in the saddle. We’ll see …

Peter Zeidler is the longest serving coach in the Premier League and is now in his sixth season as coach of FCSG – his contract runs through the summer of 2027. From this perspective, Zeidler is irreplaceable. If you take a closer look, you’ll wonder why this is the case at all. Sure, Zeidler is a likable fellow and a good motivator and he also plays very attractive attacking football – but his boys only played this type of football successfully in the 2019/20 season, which FCSG finished as runners-up. In the previous season, Zeidler led St. Gallen to a sixth-place finish and in the years since to the runner-up title, it has been to the last seven, fifth and sixth places.

How safe is Peter Zeidler, the Premier League’s longest-serving coach, in the saddle?

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