April 23, 2024

Valentino Rossi (Yamaha / 12): "We expected more" / MotoGP

Valentino Rossi (Yamaha / 12): “We expected more” / MotoGP

In Qatar, there was a Yamaha win at the MotoGP opening, but Petronas’ newcomer Valentino Rossi was only able to keep up with it at first. After fourth place in the qualifiers, rear tire problems arose in the race.

After 4th place kicked off, the joy was still great, which made 12th place on Sunday extremely disappointing – even if Valentino Rossi had already indicated Saturday evening that the race’s pace was far from impressive.

The nine-time world champion sighed, “We definitely expected more, especially after yesterday’s qualifiers.” “I had a lot of trouble racing. After a few laps, I had tire problems, unfortunately this actually happened on Friday. Then we tried to change something, but unfortunately we didn’t solve the problem. After a few laps the problems start with the rear tire. For whatever reason?” The reasons, I put too much pressure on the rear tire, and then the tire performance drops. After a few laps, I’m not fast enough. This day happened in the race as well. “

The low temperatures on Sunday evening did not change that. “We were hoping to have a little less trouble today because the temperatures are not so hot. Unfortunately, the feeling was similar. So the race was hard and I had a lot of trouble. I lost a lot of positions, “the 42-year-old lamented.” This was not the race we expected. “

Do Val and his Petronas crew have an idea for their second weekend in Qatar? “We put too much pressure on the back tire, which loses performance and stability.” The Yamaha star said, “That’s the problem.” “We had a long meeting. I explained my feeling and now we’re trying to solve the problem so that we can be stronger next week.”

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How problematic was the start when four Ducati missiles took the lead? “It got off to a good start compared to Quartararo and Viñales. All Ducati are much stronger than us, they got into the first corner much more quickly,” Rossi Tablet said. “Frankly, my start wasn’t too bad for our standards. The problem is the Ducati gets away faster.”

Results of the Qatar MotoGP Grand Prix Championship, March 28:

1. Vinalis, Yamaha, 42:28 663 min
2. Zarco, Ducati, + 1.092 seconds
3. Bagnaia, Ducati, +1,129
4. Mir, Suzuki, +1.222
5. Quartararo, Yamaha, + 3.030
6. Renz, Suzuki + 3,357
7. Alex Espargaro, Aprilia, +5 934
8. Paul Aspararo – Honda + 5990
9. Miller, Ducati +7058
10. Bastianini, Ducati +9288
11. Bradel, Honda, +10299
12- Russian, Yamaha +10742
13. Oliveira, KTM, +11457
14. Binder, KTM, +14,100
15. Martin, Ducati, +16422
16. Marini, Ducati + 20.916
17. Lecuona, KTM, +21,026
18. Morbidly, Yamaha +23.892
19. Savadore, Aprilia, +46 346