June 14, 2024

Women can smell Parkinson's disease, thus helping science find a new test

Women can smell Parkinson’s disease, thus helping science find a new test

world in Manchester You have one based on women’s discoveries How is Parkinson’s disease diagnosed? Advanced, which should only take three minutes. Testing is now independently validated in hospitals and GP clinics.

Joey Milne he is retired nurse She realized he had Parkinson’s disease twelve years before her husband’s doctors. I noticed a sudden change in its smell. “He had this bad, musty smell, especially around his shoulders and around his neck. And his skin had changed,” she says. She realized her husband’s smell had something to do with Parkinson’s disease when she visited a Parkinson’s disease support group with him – everyone shared his strange smell. Milne’s husband passed away in 2015.

100% accurate nose

The test conducted by scientists in University of Manchester Developed with Milne, and powered by A skin smearWhich, according to them, can detect Parkinson’s disease with 95% certainty. Until now, doctors have only diagnosed the disease by noticing symptoms – and that takes months or sometimes years.

After his sense of smell was tested by scientists, it was found that Milne knew 100 percent of Parkinson’s cases by smell. They gave her T-shirts from people diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and a health control group. She was able to identify every case of Parkinson’s disease. She also reported that she noticed the smell of Parkinson’s disease on a T-shirt from the control group – a few months later, the person thought to be healthy was diagnosed with a neurological disease.

new test

To develop the test, scientists analyzed sebum, a secretion produced by the sebaceous glands that cover the skin. They discovered that in samples of people with Parkinson’s disease, 500 of about 4,000 components of sebum differed from those of people who did not have the disease. They have their studies in Journal of the American Chemical Society Posted.

project leader Perdita Paran Explains that there is a great need for rapid testing for Parkinson’s disease. In the UK alone, thousands of people are waiting to see a neurologist to have their symptoms evaluated. “Currently, we have developed the test in a research lab, and are working with our colleagues in hospitals to take the test to their analysis laboratories. We hope to be able to test people in the Manchester area within two years,” Baran says.

Parkinson’s disease is one of the most prevalent neurological diseases in the world after Alzheimer And the border. alone in Austria 20,000 cases diagnosed. The World Health Organization estimates the number of Parkinson’s patients worldwide 8.5 million estimated. The triggers are still unknown, the disease usually begins between the ages of 50 and 60. There are no treatments, only the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease can be treated with medication. Signs include tight muscles, tremors while resting, and difficulty speaking.