June 21, 2024

(C) Pixabay: Beim Jahreszeitenwechsel soll man besonders auf Körper und Seele achten.

The Four Diseases of Autumn – Wiener Bezersblatt

(c) Pixabay: When the seasons change, you should pay special attention to body and soul.

We approach a beautiful time of year with pleasant temperatures and an idyllic atmosphere – but for some people, autumn also brings a difficult fate. During this time, four possible diseases predominate: influenza, colds, asthma and depression.


Influenza is a respiratory disease caused by a virus, and the most prominent symptoms are fever, cough, runny nose, loss of appetite, and muscle aches. The virus is transmitted by droplets, that is, when kissing or shaking hands. So people with low immunity should pay special attention to social distance, especially in the fall, and also consider influenza vaccination.


Like the flu, the common cold is a respiratory illness that can lead to the flu if left untreated. The symptoms are very similar, but there are more than 100 different types of viruses that cause the common cold, so you are more likely to catch a cold.


Asthma patients are most at risk in the spring and fall. The acute form of the disease occurs as a result of inflammation of the upper respiratory tract due to viruses and germs. Treatment can only occur by direct medical treatment of the infection or by removing the allergen.


This usually happens when going from a warmer season to a cooler one: the lack of natural daylight can lead to depressive episodes. Symptoms are different: they range from slight discomfort, lack of motivation and energy to neurosis and psychosis, which must be treated professionally.

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So the fate of autumn can be different: please respond to the first warnings of body and soul!