February 29, 2024

Winter Games in Switzerland – The Sports Parliament gives the green light for the 2030 Olympics – Sports


Representatives of sports federations support the plans of the Swiss Olympic Committee and support holding the Winter Games in Switzerland.


2030 is more than just an avatar?

Olympic rings under the Swiss flag.

Keystone/Jean-Christophe Bout

The Swiss Olympic Committee’s plans to bid to host the Winter Games in 2030 or at the latest 2034 have managed to overcome the next hurdle. The Sports Parliament, made up of delegates from sports federations, voted unanimously in favor of the nomination during the annual meeting in Itigen on Friday.

There are currently two other candidates: Sweden and France are applying to host the Games within seven years.

The result of the vote was certainly not surprising. The Sports Parliament only complied with the Swiss Olympic Committee’s proposal once – and that time was in relation to the Sports History Museum in Basel.

The award is scheduled to be presented next summer

The time available for further specifications and detail of the Swiss Olympic project is short. The International Olympic Committee accepts A double award for the 2030 and 2034 Olympics in their respective sessions shortly before the 2024 Summer Games in Paris, which begin in August.

“Switzerland is a living democracy, and we still have to provide many concrete answers based on our concept if we are to continue to count on positive support from the population. There is still a need for clarification between the federal government and the cantons on the security issue. “We were always aware that the project was very ambitious in terms of time,” says Urs Lehmann, president of the Swiss ski company.

The sustainability of the concept combined with the extensive winter sports infrastructure already in place speaks in favor of the Swiss candidacy. Switzerland has hosted the Winter Olympics twice: in 1928 and 1948, both with St. Moritz.

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