May 22, 2024

What is the size of x? – Spectrum of sciences

In 1970, Russian scientists Andrei N. Kolmogorov and Isaac K. Kikwin is a “Kvant” magazine, where professional authors write clearly about current topics in mathematics and physics for a wide audience. The magazine was so successful that an American edition called “Quantum” was published in 1990. Unfortunately, the American edition failed to match the success of the Russian edition and was discontinued eleven years later. Many mathematical puzzles also appear in “Quantum”. In the November/December 1993 issue, Terry Stickles published the following puzzle:

In Franceland, road signs indicate distances in kilometers (km) or in frances (f). One day, when Max was driving through Frensland, he saw a sign that said: Frensdorf 150 f, Frenswegen 110 km. He continues driving, and before he gets anywhere, he sees another sign. It says: Frensdorf 10 f, Frenswegen 26 km. The country road on which Max drives passes through both Frensdorf and Frenswegen. There is a rest stop on the country road between Frensdorf and Frenswegen, which is x Frens from Frensdorf and x kilometers from Frenswegen. What is the size of x?

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