June 21, 2024

Weather warning in Great Britain: Prince Charles cancels trip

Weather warning in Great Britain: Prince Charles cancels trip

Prince Charles, the British heir apparent, has canceled a trip to Wales on Friday as the highest weather warning was issued in some parts of the country. Hurricane Eunice is expected to make landfall in the southwest of England and south of Wales with full force on Friday. The red alert level applies there, meaning there is a risk to life from flying debris, damage to buildings and damage to infrastructure.

Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in at least two places. Some were asked not to leave the house on Friday. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that the military is ready to help the victims. The second highest alert level, yellow, applies to large parts of the UK on Friday. Some schools in Ireland have been closed.

Already on Thursday night severe damage was caused by Hurricane “Dudley” in the northern part of Ireland and Great Britain. In Scotland, a number of trains were canceled due to falling trees on the tracks and damage to overhead lines and signal systems. Thousands of homes in the north of the UK have been temporarily cut off from electricity.

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