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36 years visa free travel with Visa Discount Plan

36 years visa free travel with Visa Discount Plan

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The Visa Discount Program makes it easy to enter the United States worldwide. This year marks the completion of 36 years of cross-border partnership.

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Partnership with 40 member states
During the Immigration Reform and Control Acts of 1986, the US government introduced the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) at the end of the last century. Since then, visitors have been allowed to stay in the United States for 90 days without a visa for tourism or business purposes. To date, all nationalities in the 40 member states have the right to do so. Australia, Iceland, the United Kingdom and more, but they are not the only ones All Schengen countries. Most recently, Croatia joined the coalition in 2021. And it is becoming increasingly popular: six countries in South America, including Brazil and Turkey, are currently on the application list. The benefits to participating countries are enormous because the usual lengthy application for a visa is replaced by a much faster process of obtaining what is called an ESTA.

ESTA approval
The name says it all: The Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) is a fully electronic permit that gives you the right to enter the United States for up to three months. Anyone who wants to travel can do so Apply for ESTA, As long as there is an electronic passport and a standard internet connection. The application form is available online and filling in separately is essential for the internet. Benefit: Bureaucratic effort is reduced and the application is verified immediately. The maximum time from application to selection is 72 hours.

However, it is important to distinguish between the fact that ESTA is a visa exemption, not a permanent alternative. In addition, a permit that has been issued is not yet understood as an entry permit because it checks that the permit was renewed shortly before entry. Transportation also requires ESTA accreditation. Costs $ 14 About 12.24 euros And must be renewed after a maximum of two years. They also need children to enter the United States. Good thing: a permit applicant has the right to re-enter and leave the country. Also, anyone with a US visa is automatically exempt from ESTA.

Purpose of the Visa Discount Scheme
The US Congress formed alliances to improve US relations with other countries and to facilitate the foreign travel of American citizens. For this reason, each member state is committed to allowing visa-free entry under comparative terms. Another goal is to strengthen the company’s own economy. With the introduction of the program, travel between the United States and its allies was actively promoted, which led to a massive increase in tourism. At times, it even cost the United States $ 200 million a day.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security oversees the program to ensure that no one is authorized to enter, which could threaten the well-being, security or continued existence of the United States. VWP has proven itself today and is integrated around the world, although the project was initially only 3 years old. But its success ensured its continuity until it was enshrined in law as a permanent contract in 2000. To date, it has made travel easier and reduced holiday stress. (prm)

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