June 19, 2024

Sweden expelled Canada

Sweden expelled Canada

Rocketly & Co. does not have a slope style medal.

The Swiss freestyle was a disappointment in the slowstyle final. Andre Rocketley, best qualified, and Fabian Bosch missed out on medals. Kim Kupser gives ForFight.

Not much for Andre Rocketley’s first Olympic medal. In the end, Films’ 23-year-old Sweden was 1.85 points behind Jasper Djeder, who won the bronze, thus finishing fourth in the Griznes ungrateful.

Andri Ragettli bitter disappointment after the unfortunate fourth place.

The main stone

Rocketley showed two good runs, but was unable to progress again compared to the qualifier. In the first run he did not manage a section of the train exactly as he wished, and in the second run, in his best, second jump he encountered trouble at the grave, which eventually cost him the medal. On the third attempt, when everything had to be risked, Rocketley had already failed in the first tab, which shattered the dream of precious metal.

Bösch showed a good first run, which – like merit – was rated relatively low and earned him “only” 78.05 points. The 24-year-old from Engelberg said he had already made a mistake on the train section and could not make progress after that. Kim Kupser, who finished eighth in the qualifying round, missed the final due to a thigh injury.

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