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Wayne Gretzky lead the goat sports team over Brady and Jordan?  This is talking about

Wayne Gretzky lead the goat sports team over Brady and Jordan? This is talking about

It took place March 23, 1994 in the history of the NHL. It is the day that Wayne Grettsky made himself immortal. (NHL LIVE Games Pick Free TV Sports 1)

The story is easy to tell: the ice hockey legend scored the most important goal of his career at the time – NHL goal # 802.

With this, Grettsky, the best ice hockey player in the history of the league, finally crowned himself by setting the record and surpassing the record for his idol Gordy Howe. However, while Howe needed 26 years to register, Gretzky was able to claim the victory in his fifteenth season.

Although only half of the match time had passed, the game against Los Angeles Kings was paused for 15 minutes after the goal, Gritsky’s parents and wife Janet were on the ice as well as club president Bruce McConnell. The fact that the Kings lost 3: 6 in the end was not important. (News: All about the NHL)

Long list of successes and records

But the scorer title is only one item on his long list of successes. extract.

When The Great One, who revolutionized ice hockey in the 1980s with the Edmonton Oilers and played the competition on the ground, retired in April 1999, he owned or participated in 61 National Hockey League records. Almost 22 years later, he is still holding 60 of them.

The 2,857 career points he collected in twenty years of his career with Oilers, Los Angeles Kings, St. Louis Blues and the New York Rangers are 936 more points than Jaromir Jagger in second place. For comparison: the distance between Gretzky and the second best scorer in NHL history corresponds to the career score for other ice hockey icons.

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But that’s not all: if you subtract each of the 900 goals Gretitsky scored in a regular NHL season from his career total, he still has 42 more points than Jagr.

Gretzky’s change has a lasting effect on the NHL

The Canadian also holds the post-season records for most goals, up to power goals, assists and points, winning four Stanley Cups and reaching the Finals six times. Gretzky has been elected League Player of the Year nine times in the NHL, an astonishing number eight times in a row.

More than his passports, goals, and titles, he influenced the NHL by moving him to Los Angeles in 1988 after nine seasons with the Edmonton Oilers. The change ushered in a new era. The American teams had wrested their ice hockey supremacy from the Canadians.


The deal entered Canadian history as “trade”. Since Gretzky’s move, only three teams from Canada have won the Stanley Cup – the last of which was the Montreal Canadiens in 1993.

The greatest sports team in the world?

Grytsky is still considered the greatest ice hockey player of all time. Some even claim they are the goats in the history of team sports. (NHL table and results)

Of course, it’s hard to compare her to the big stars in other sports. Still an attempt: Gretzky scored 936 more points than Jagger, a 32 percent lead between him and the next best player. As the top scorer in the NBA, Karim Abdul-Jabbar had runner-up Carl Malone 1,459 points – 3.8 percent more.

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Michael Jordan, who is seen by many experts as a GOAT basketball player, is only fifth on points – which is also due to his retirement in the meantime. But even if Jordan did like basketball like no other, Grettsky was and still is ice hockey.

As a journalist, Michael Ackelson for Bleacher report When he compiled a list of the 30 most dominant athletes, he asked which number 1 was his easiest decision. He captioned: “I am a big fan of Michael Jordan, but I have to admit that Wayne Gretzky was more dominant. Gretzky was just one of the many boys.”

Goat vor Brady?

In the NFL, Tom Brady is arguably the greatest player of all time. However, the difference between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers superstar, Drew Press and Peyton Manning when it comes to major passport stats is almost negligible.

Brady should line up behind Brees in the completion and passing arenas, and in the Passer Ranking he is only seventh. Although he threw ten more touchdowns than Brees and even 42 more than Manning, the Super Bowl MVP is seven times more than Gretzky’s lead.

Why is Gretzky so rarely mentioned in discussions of goats? The answer to this is simple: ice hockey is not nearly as popular as the other three major team sports in the United States. Not to mention the fact that Gretzky played most of his career in Canada.

Gretzky notes Draisaitl in Oilers

Today the ice hockey legend with countless NHL records is an official at the Edmonton Oilers Club. He is a member of the board of directors of Oilers Entertainment Group, which owns a five-time Stanley Cup winner, arena and club.

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So, the 60-year-old saw first-hand how Leon Dracitel rose to become the top scorer and the best player in the National Hockey League. Grettsky himself declared in September of last year that the German was named “Best Player in the League”.

Watching Draisaitl, said Gretzky, is “very fun”, who hopes Colon and his Canadian storm partner Conor McDavid will lead the Oilers to the heights once again as was the case in the 1980s.

This is why “The Great One” is seen closely as the German NHL star that bears his name wraps across the ice. “German Gretzky” is called Draisaitl. Why is such a great honor evident in Gretzky’s career.