July 13, 2024

Ciriaco Sforza, what’s on your mind right now?

Ciriaco Sforza, what’s on your mind right now?

Mr. Sforza, what are you thinking now?

FCB coach Sierraco Sforza looks sad after the last-minute defeat to FC Vaduz. But his team did a good job of “running and fighting”.


On Easter, Basel 1: 2 lost at home. Not only was Vaduz’s final blow a topic of conversation, but a racist scandal from the first half. Here are the game sounds.

Progressing to second place in the table will not work. Basel, the worst team in the second half of the season, lost 1: 2 at home in St Jakob Park to Vaduz and finished fifth after 27 rounds. Meanwhile, Liechtenstein gave the Red Lantern to FC Sion, who suffered a 3-0 defeat by YB on Sunday.

The recent bankruptcy is bad for Syriacou Sforza. After the match, the FCB coach disappeared into the catacombs for a few minutes before showing up for an interview for “Blue Sport”. Sforza is particularly upset because the two targets are dropping by the standards: “We clearly knew that was their strength. We have a clear split.” In terms of running and fighting, his team performed extremely well. And: “We also had opportunities that we did not take advantage of.”

The team and the coach have good energy. I saw it again today.»

FCB- Coach Ciriaco Sforza

When asked again about the first goal (video below), the 51-year-old finds clearer words and says it makes him “obnoxious” and is disappointed. “I think my assistant coaches got it really well arranged. But then you have to take on the task and the responsibility. But unfortunately that didn’t happen.”

However, Sforza does not see everything as negative: “The team and the coach have good energy. I saw that again today. We want to.” He’s only sorry for the team, the club and the fans if they missed points this way. The air in Sforza is receding slowly but surely. As far as sport is concerned, at least, he hardly makes any arguments for it.

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Is Sforza still accepted as FCB coach?

Fabian Frey on the racism and bankruptcy scandal

On it Racism scandal When asked, Fabian Fry found clear words in an interview with Blue Sports: “Absolutely prohibited. […] This has no place in our society. And it’s really hard to discuss things like that in 2021. It just doesn’t work and doesn’t belong anywhere. I have no words at all. I can still lose a lot of games: When I hear things like that, it just makes me uglier. ”Of course, defeat doesn’t elicit feelings of happiness either.

Fabian Frey on the racism scandal: “I have no words there”

After a bitter 1: 2 home defeat to Vaduz, Fabian Fry answers “blue sport” questions. The Bayern showman condemns the racist remarks against his teammate, Aldo Kalolo in the strongest possible terms. He is disturbed by the defeat.


Joël Schmied looks forward to pizza in the cabin

The emotional world of the Vaduz people, who jump in the arena of arches, is completely different. Joel Schmid, top scorer 1-0, happy with a 2-1 win in the last minute. “Now we’ll have pizza in the cabin first,” then we’ll celebrate a little more. But the focus is already on next Sunday’s game: “The match against Sion is very important,” Schmid said.

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Vaduz vs. Sion, it really is about business. Of course there will be again live on Blue Sport next Sunday (4pm).

Schmid: “Pizza is now being eaten in the cabin.”

Joel Schmid, top scorer 1-0, is happy with the 2-1 victory in Basel. A little celebration is possible, but then it goes on again: “The match against Sion is very important.”


Highlights of the game in the video

Basel – Vaduz 1: 2

Ravizen Premier League, Round 27, Season 20/21