September 29, 2023

Action sports at its best from June 30 to July 2 at the Olympic Park: MASH inspires 92,000 visitors

Even if the weather gods perform one backflip or the other, the Olympic Park experienced action sports at their best from June 30 to July 2. By Sunday evening, there were 92,000 visitors who came to the park to see the competitions of the world’s best skaters, skateboarders, BMX riders and street dancers.

“I still flashed. The Olympic Park danced. The mood was enormous. After the debut of the street dance competition, I can only say: It was absolutely right that this competition was officially included in the MASH family. The stage was packed to the last seat, and the dancers amazed the audience with their movements and style. ” Marion Schön, President of Olympiapark, continues: “This year’s MASH edition definitely showed one thing: our action sports festival has won its place among top athletes from all over the world, who have shown excellent sport over the three days, as well as among the people of Munich. MASH is an event that brings everyone together, fan and family, young and old. We can be proud of that.” In fact, the Sports Festival has become a highlight of the event calendar at the newly developed Olympic Park.

streets dance

The interest in the first street dance competition was huge. The atmosphere in Theatron and also on the grass steps in Olympic Lake was exceptional. Spectators fought intense fights with exciting fights with first-class street dancers. The preliminary selection, in which 70 participants from the region, but also from Brazil and Morocco had registered, had to take place on Friday due to weather conditions without an audience in a tent. The dancers who qualified for the main competition were more looking forward to competing against the world’s top dancers on Saturday night, who rarely compete in Munich. And it was just wonderful. The undisputed winner in the 7-to-smoke format (Allstyles) was Candyman. He had himself flown in from France, danced his way through preliminary selection, and then passed dancer after dancer out of the competition. In the final Battle International Breaking 2vs2 match, Lil Zoo (Austria) and Phil Wizard (Canada) defeated Justen and Shane (both from the Netherlands). Even if he didn’t win in the end, Said Munich was particularly happy with the street dance competition at MASH. As a “local”, he was very happy to present his skills to the local audience, along with Zhao Lin from Stuttgart, with whom he officially played as a team for the first time, and who thanked him for his participation and performance at MASH with thunderous applause.

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The BMX competition at MASH was a true fiesta for Kieran Reilly: Not only did the British stunt machine win best trick with a triple backflip to Barspin on Saturday. On Sunday, last year’s winner and new European champion got one better and took victory again. Up until the third round a completely different person led the field, the unfiltered 22-year-old Jacob Thiem from the USA, who officiated a first-class inning. But 21-year-old Kieran knew exactly what to do to win the competition: He hit a double flair on his final run, a trick rarely seen but ultimately gave him the win and relegated him to second place. Third was Kieran’s compatriot Declan Brooks, third at the European Championships 2023 and Olympic bronze medalist in 2021. Sekharin Souban-Mart was the only German rider to make it to the finals – Lennox Zimmermann (Bad Iburg) and Tobias Fregang (Wachtendonk) were already eliminated. in qualification. But even though the 23-year-old from Dresden finished bottom, he kept going well and was celebrated by the Munich crowd.


It was a very clear victory: Spain’s Danny Leon won the skateboard final by ten points, ahead of compatriot Jaime Mateo. Right behind him, young Berliner Tyler Edtmayer secured third place. It was a final of the highest level – the level of performance increased continuously from elimination to final. A true skateboarding festival for the fans on the grass steps. Above all, it was Danny Lyon’s day: his first half was very good, the second excellent despite the error, and the third perfect for the 28-year-old. No one can match his Saturday tricks and style. 22-year-old Tyler Edtmayer showed an impressive performance: an almost perfect second run ensured him the third place in the men’s MASH final on skateboard. In the end he was overtaken by Jaime Mateo, who improved greatly in his third round compared to his first two. The 27-year-old Spaniard also repeated his best win of the past year – this time with a sharp Indy clinch on a MASH barrel.

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Unlike the men, it was a really tight final for the women. Lilly Stoifazios, who already won Saturday’s best trick with a kick to the butt, narrowly won the women’s skateboarding competition. 15-year-old Brit Lola Tambling finished second, although she always showed good performance in her three runs. However, he did not come close to the wealth of tricks that Lilly demonstrated in her first decisive round. The 16-year-old Berliner used the entire course according to the motto: higher, farther, faster. Third was 25-year-old Brazilian Endiara Asp, who despite a very good second series lacked the flow to overtake Mash Old and New Championship winner Lilly Stoifacius.

wake board

The best international skaters also put on an amazing competition in the eighth edition. The women showed very strong riding with very few falls in the finals. In fact, it was an eye level confrontation that the athletes especially the top three gave. In the end, the underdog Lisa Ballou (25) of Israel won, whose tricks in the new order in the Olympic Lake were slightly more difficult than those of American runner-up Jamie Lupina (25) and 16-year-old Rivers Hedrick (USA). years old, who placed third, but was able to celebrate her victory in the team competition with compatriot Gavin Stuckey (17 years old) on Friday. Unfortunately, Julia Reck from Cologne was unable to secure a place on the podium this year.

It would have been very nice, but in the end it was not the hoped-for consecutive victory for Nico von Lerchenfeld from Cologne, but “only” a second place. But the skaters also put on the competition at the highest level. In the end, the victory in the final was won by the Brazilian Pedro Caldas, who showed the best performance every day. 23-year-old Briton Joe Battleday participated in Munich for the first time and immediately took third place. “Local” Dominique Gorse was unfortunately eliminated from the playoffs.

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mash and more

The MASH Festival is the ‘secret ingredient’ that makes the Olympic Park sporting event unique. Here you can feel the lifestyle of action sports, here lovers and families can experience more. More than 40 exhibitors from the fields of sport, lifestyle and sustainability presented themselves from Hans-Jochen-Vogel-Platz all the way to the Olympic Lake. The festival was once again a place of cultural diversity, with music by 17 artists and bands on the MASH stage, art and design, information, entertainment and interaction – colorful, creative, diverse and imaginative, for young and old. There was so much excitement, workshops and performances that invited you to join in and try things out.

By the way: next year, MASH will celebrate its 10th birthday from August 2 to 4, 2024. We look forward to seeing you again.

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