July 15, 2024

SRF Community – Xhaka’s SRF User: «Professional, Role Model, Unvaccinated – Unintelligible» – News

SRF Community – Xhaka’s SRF User: «Professional, Role Model, Unvaccinated – Unintelligible» – News

Swiss captain Granit Xhaka has tested positive for the coronavirus. He had to go into isolation on Wednesday, the day of the friendly match against Greece. As the only player on the selection team, Xhaka has neither recovered nor been vaccinated. This leads to anger in the comments.

Confusion, irritation and stinging criticism

In SRF Sport’s comment column, user Gianni Romagnoli was stunned by Xhaka’s decision not to vaccinate: “As a professional athlete, he makes his living through extraordinary physical performance. Peak performance is not possible with a weak lung. This vague choice is putting his very existence at risk! What else to say! …”

This vague choice puts his existence at risk! what else to say.

Alex Borer sees it similarly: “Professional in contact sports, captain, role model, unvaccinated – not fully understood.” Heinz Hugentobler asks himself about the basics: “The team and the federation, certainly with a lot of financial resources, are working for the next qualification for the World Cup and again leaving it to chance when it comes to vaccination. This is called unprofessional.”

Xhaka’s decision is also acceptable

Stefan Berner sees it differently: “Why should we decide for ourselves on vaccination – but Xhaka should let himself decide?”

Xhaka did not lose any of his ability and role model.

The captain of the national team is also protected: “It is not our business whether or not the Zaka granite is grafted,” says Pelemon Jaeger. “Xhaka has not lost any of her ability and role model,” says Rainer Parmet. And Milan Darem is upset: “I’d rather watch football than rush! Everyone decides based on his body and the body belongs to that person, not the national team, not the country.”

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Sometimes it looks the same on Instagram. User no_bernhard defends the national player: “He doesn’t have to justify himself!” User robindeutsch answers our question: “What I’m thinking is absolutely irrelevant, because it’s his personal decision.”