Victoria Beckham is and always will be the queen of mini dresses – as these 15 photos prove

Victoria Beckham is known for her perfect party outfits

Posh Spice may have been synonymous with little black dresses, but when the Spice Girls broke up and Victoria Beckham started a solo pop career before turning to modeling, she proved that no one could swallow Posh. Bandeau minis and mini dresses along with Buffalo Boots are archived for band members as Beckham explores the world of corsets and becomes one of Roland Mouret’s top ambassadors in the body sculpting Galaxy dress.

With her high profile as the head of WAG (the English term for female players also known as “wives and girlfriends”) on David Beckham’s arm, Victoria flirted with funky feminine silhouettes and subtle embellishments. She’s grown confident in working with colors, thanks in part to her growing collection of Hermès Kelly and Birkin bags in eye-catching colors and furs. During the fashion weeks of the late twentieth century, Beckham, who now wears a bob (slope bob) that influenced thousands of hairstyles in the UK, relived the trend. Bodycon dresses and mini dresses with belts became her passion, as did dizzy heels — “I can’t focus in flats,” she once said — when she started building her own fashion venture.

Victoria Beckham’s style is more modern and glamorous than ever

These days, her hem isn’t that high, and she prefers stretchy pants over party dresses, but Beckham’s style is still glamorous and youthful (watch her rock the trend of spring midriff cleaning), with a healthy dose of nostalgia. The legendary pop star designer revived the Posh Spice aesthetic in a holiday ad. Here are 14 adorable photos that show that mini dresses will forever be in VB’s closet…

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