May 22, 2024

International evacuation mission ends today

International evacuation mission ends today

The Dutch – and according to the picture also German – evacuation mission ends today. (Photo: BS / Dutch Ministry of Defense)

The United States completed the Dutch evacuation mission from Afghanistan today. The Dutch Ministry of Defense announced the interview information. According to information from Bild newspaper, the German evacuation mission will also end today.

“We inform you that the plan to leave the embassy team and the army from Kabul airport has come into effect,” Defense Minister Ank Bielefeld Schuten said. This is a painful moment because it means that despite all the great efforts made in the past, the people who qualify for evacuation to the Netherlands will be left behind. The United States has informed the Netherlands that it has to leave today and is likely to operate the last flights later today.”

Since the United States is responsible for the mission and security at the airport – and provides most of the troops and materials – it will be the last to leave Afghanistan. The safe transportation of these American soldiers can only happen if all American civilians are evacuated from Kabul airport beforehand. Accordingly, the United States had to establish timetables for all other participating nations to ensure the mission was completed and all troops moved by August 31, without a storm from the airport or other chaotic scenes during the transfer.

As the Dutch Defense Minister wrote: “As you know, the United States, which is responsible for airport security, has announced that they will leave Kabul on August 31. This means that they will have to evacuate large numbers of American military personnel and equipment a few days before that date. Before leaving the United States A number of other countries that are making an important contribution to airport safety will be leaving.” According to the minister, the further measures are as follows: “In light of the rapidly deteriorating situation at and around the airport, the Netherlands is unfortunately no longer able to assist evacuees in reaching the airport. It is strongly advised not to come to the airport. Every effort is being made to ensure that the situation is A few hundred people are now at the airport gates on flights scheduled for the day. The military and embassy personnel will depart on the last flights. A Dutch C-130 aircraft with a small team of military personnel will remain in the area until August 31. The C-130 can be deployed quickly if It was possible, contrary to current expectations, to bring more people from Kabul to safety.In addition, it was agreed with coalition partners that they were allowed to leave the country at a later time, if necessary, the evacuees could be transported to a final destination in the Netherlands on their flights.

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The German Defense Ministry has not yet released any information about a possible withdrawal. If the information in the photo confirms that the last German flights actually took place today, then the US can fly with at most individual Germans.