July 15, 2024

USA: US Election: Survey shows Trump leading in key US states

USA: US Election: Survey shows Trump leading in key US states

Archive – Former US President and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to reporters. Photo: Yuki Iwamura/AP/dpa


A year before the US presidential election, things are not looking good for incumbent President Joe Biden, according to a poll.

A New York Times Sunday evening (local time) Siena College poll showed Biden trailing Republican nominee Donald Trump in five of the six key states contested. However, the error tolerance is between 1.8 and 4.8 percentage points.

A total of 3,662 voters were surveyed between October 22 and November 3 in six states: Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Michigan and Pennsylvania. The survey showed that both candidates were unpopular, but voters were more likely to take their frustrations out on the president, writes the New York Times.

According to the poll, only Democrat Biden leads in the state of Wisconsin. The New York Times wrote that in the “swing states” of Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Michigan and Pennsylvania – all states where the race is particularly tight between Democrats and Republicans – Trump leads by four to ten percentage points. In the 2020 US presidential election, Biden won all six states against Trump, the magazine continued.

As the newspaper writes, Biden’s age in particular turned out to be a disadvantage in the survey — even though he is only four years older than his opponent, Trump. 71 percent believed the soon-to-be 81-year-old Biden was too old to be an effective president. As for Trump, 39 percent of those surveyed agreed or somewhat agreed that he was too old.

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By 59 percent to 37 percent, respondents said they trust Trump more than Biden on the economy. Respondents also favored Trump on immigration policy and national security. Biden’s strongest issue is abortion. Here, voters trust him nine percentage points more than Trump.

President Biden is running for a second term among Democrats — without stiff competition. In the Republican Party, former President Trump is currently leading the polls among his party’s candidates. This leads to a rematch between the two. Who will ultimately run as a party’s official candidate is determined in party primaries in the months leading up to the election.