June 22, 2024

Wild beim Wild

USA: Toxic chemicals in bushmeat

Wildlife officials across the United States have detected elevated levels of a class of chemicals that are toxic to wildlife such as deer — leading to health warnings in some areas.

Authorities have found high levels of PFAS (compounds per and polyfluoroalkyl) in bushmeat in many states, including Michigan and Maine, where hordes of amateur hunters hunt deer each fall. PFAS, also known as “Immortal ChemicalsThey are industrial compounds that are used in many products such as non-stick utensils and clothing.

The US Environmental Protection Agency has made efforts over the past year to reduce pollution from these chemicals, which have been linked to health problems such as cancer and low birth weight.

However, detecting chemicals in wildlife hunted for sport and food poses a new challenge, which some states are addressing by issuing recommendations for game and fish consumption and expanding PFAS testing in these animals.

Chemicals enter the environment through the production of consumer goods and waste. It has also been used in firefighting foam and agriculture. Wastewater sludge contaminated with PFAS has long been used in fields as fertilizer and fertilizer.

Additional testing is likely to reveal that the chemicals are also present in wildlife other than deer, such as turkey and fish.

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