February 29, 2024

US Senate blocks aid to Ukraine and Israel

As of: December 7, 2023 4:02 am

The US Senate has blocked further aid to both Israel and Ukraine. Opposition Republicans voted unanimously against President Biden’s request. They want to enforce a strict immigration policy.

US Senate Blocks Billions in New Defense Aid to Ukraine and Israel The $110.5 billion package failed to receive the necessary 60 bipartisan votes to advance to debate in the 100-member Senate.

All Senate Republicans voted no, including independent Senator Bernie Sanders, who usually votes with Democrats but expressed concern about funding Israel’s “current inhumane military strategy” against the Palestinians. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer also voted “no” on procedural grounds to allow the proposal to be amended.

Democrats warn of urgency

After the vote, Schumer spoke of “a radical moment that will have lasting consequences for the 21st century” and the decline of Western democracy.

US President Joe Biden had previously warned: “Make no mistake, today’s vote will be remembered for a long time. History will judge harshly… (Russian President Vladimir) Putin cannot be allowed to win.” .

Democrats argue that allies need help to support global democracy and push back against authoritarianism. Blocking the bill would send a message to America’s adversaries and allies alike that the United States will not stand behind its international partners.

Republicans want tougher ones Immigration policy Push through

Republicans have not acceded to their demands, demanding tougher immigration policy and control of the southern border and greater accountability for US taxpayer money going overseas.

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Schumer has previously said he would try to break the impasse with an amendment to border policy. Republicans and Democrats in Congress have been arguing for months over funding President Joe Biden’s billions in aid to Ukraine and Israel, as well as Indo-Pacific and international humanitarian aid.

Agreement on a new budget is possible only after the withdrawal of aid to Ukraine. There is resistance to further military aid to the government in Kiev, particularly among Republicans.