May 24, 2024

Unsuccessful as a player and coach?: 'The Losing Generation' – Thornhire taunts in the home match against Ponty, Egli & Co.

Turnhire: “Ponty and Egli are from the losing generation”

March 28, 2024

At the home football game, Raimundo Ponte, Mario Cantalupe and Benny Thornhire reminisce about the good old days. The TV legend couldn't resist saying something about Ponty's career.

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  • In the latest episode of Football Talk on Blue Sport, the big topic is the fight back in Swiss football.
  • Perhaps the most famous Stickfight story was written by Raimundo Ponti when he lost the decisive match due to a team mishap and thus missed the final round.
  • TV legend Benny Thornhair takes this opportunity to mock Ponty. However, Ponty does not want to let this go unnoticed.

In the new Premier League mode, teams are divided into two halves after 33 rounds: the Championship group and the Relegation group. The line fight in the Swiss top league celebrates its return after 21 years.

Raimundo Ponte, Mario Cantalupe and legendary reporter Benny Thornhair talk about what it was like at a home football game. The fight on the line had some special episodes to its progression, such as Ponte's team mistake at FC Zurich. Because the then FCZ coach had too many foreign players on the bench, the decisive match against Xamax in 1999 ended in a losing defeat and the Zurich team had to enter the promotion/relegation round.

Large error. A short time later, Ponti was released after five years in FCZ. “It cost me my career as a coach,” Ponti, who did not receive many offers from the top Swiss clubs after that, said in the home match. “There was already a problem,” he admits. After that, Argauer was recruited almost exclusively by second division teams.

“Careful, you don't have to hit me now.”

Mediator Stefan Egli asked Benny Thornhair whether Ponte would have been appointed coach for higher duties if the incident had not happened. “You can't say that,” the TV legend replies, and then he can't resist saying something: “The generation around Ponte and (Andy) Egli is… Watch out, you don't have to hit me.” Now – a little bit of the losing generation.

Ponte looks around with a skeptical look, and Thornhair explains: “As players, you never managed to qualify for the World Cup or the European Championship, and as a coach you never achieved anything either.” Ponti contradicts this, saying: “With Zurich, I was in the quarter-finals against Roma (editor's note: that was a round of 16 match in the 1998/99 UEFA Cup). We had already achieved something. Zurich was not where I took it x years ago.”

You can see how third studio guest Cantaluppi managed to bring Thurnheer and Ponte together in the video above.

Home Game – Full length football talk

The Battle of the Line is celebrating its return – and half the league is shaking

The Battle of the Line is celebrating its return after 21 years – and half the league is shaking. Moderator Stefan Egli takes a look at the legendary decisions made by Mario Cantalupe, Benny Thornhair and Raimundo Ponti.

March 28, 2024