February 28, 2024

Troubles in Lucerne - Elpsteig hit all-out in FCL with full force - sport

Troubles in Lucerne – Elpsteig hit all-out in FCL with full force – sport


At FC Luzern, the blessing of the house is a retort. In fact, things are not going well with regard to sports.

The 1:2 in the 95th minute Jean-Pierre Nesme’s supposed last attack was the bitter end point for Lucerne at the end of an eventful day. Homemade disturbances as a morning salute were followed by banners from FCL fans and a knockout in Berne at the end.

Alpstege Wolf and Meyer attack head-on

Anyone who thought a 6-0 win at Winterthur before the international break would calm things down in the turbulent club environment wasn’t in the game, but was wrong before the match. In an interview with Sunday look Lucerne’s largest shareholder Bernard Alpsteige launched an all-out verbal attack against the sport’s leadership over President Stefan Wolff and sporting director Remo Mayer (video above).

It doesn’t surprise me. Karma struck.

“You are not humble enough, you are not active enough, you are not humble enough. You have to learn how to work, said the controversial Elbestige. He made no secret of the fact that he would like Wolf to leave, especially as he fancied his daughter Julia as the future president.

grits leaves steam

While Wolff and Meyer did not want to comment on SRF, coach Mario Frick stepped in front of the microphone after the match against YB. Liechtensteiner frankly admitted that the situation was also a burden for the team. Frick even attributed the defeat to some extent: “It didn’t surprise me. Karma hit. We had a lot of turmoil today in and around the club. Then you obviously don’t win matches like that and end up losing with bad luck.”

Frick is upset that the turmoil is not in the team (11 points from 8 games accepted), but in the club. “Of course, that also has an impact on the team,” Frick says. Fans made their position clear with two banners. Support for Wolf and Meyer is confirmed on a banner. He suggested to the other peshtag to take a longer silence again.


clear message

FCL fans want peace at the club again.

Freshfocus / Martin Meinberg