May 22, 2024

Ultrasound is a risk-free treatment

Present The cardiologists at Helios Clinic Attendorn have once again expanded their range of treatments and are now using intravascular lithotripsy (IVL) to treat severely calcified coronary artery stenosis. This innovative method uses ultrasound to dissolve thick annular-shaped calcium deposits in the walls of coronary vessels in a targeted manner without exerting strong radial shear forces on the vessel wall from the inside, which can lead to vascular rupture.

Explains Professor Dr. Yilmaz, chief cardiologist. Coronary vessel calcium is the enemy of coronary angioplasty. If complications from coronary interventions have occurred in the past, it is usually due to severe calcification, which greatly increases the risk.

“We can now more effectively and gently dissolve calcium deposits on vessel walls, thereby improving the effectiveness of stents.” This allows us to treat patients at Helios Hospital Attendorn today who would previously have been referred to a heart center and would often have required open-heart bypass surgery.”

Professor Yilmaz worked with IVL before working at Attendorn and learned to appreciate this new method for about three years. The first patient Prof. Yilmaz used the method three years ago was a patient who had a stent placed. which, due to heavy sintering, was not fully unfolded despite the high-pressure treatment. Years later, using this new technology, he was able to improve the outcome and easily extend the stent to the required size.

Prof. Yilmaz emphasizes the advantages of IVL: “By specifically breaking up calcium deposits, we can optimize the use of stents and improve long-term outcomes. This innovative technology opens up completely new possibilities for us in the treatment of patients with coronary atherosclerosis.”

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The Helios Clinic Attendorn has a modern cardiac catheterization laboratory, which enables comprehensive diagnosis and interventional treatment of heart diseases. The laboratory provides cardiologists with the opportunity to perform delicate interventions such as IVL using shock wave technology and provide patients with optimal care.

The introduction of this advanced treatment method confirms the continuous development of the HELIOS Clinic Attendorn in the field of cardiology. Using ultrasound to dissolve calcium deposits and the comprehensive range of diagnostics and treatments in the cardiac catheterization laboratory, the clinic offers its patients state-of-the-art medical care.

As the director of the clinic, Dr. Okzana Prajzel is convinced of this new acquisition: “By combining innovative technology with modern infrastructure, Helios Hospital Ottdoorn ensures that patients from our region with coronary heart disease receive comprehensive and effective care.”