Letters from Education and Science – Avoiding Wastage in the Clinic, German Society for Workflow Management in the Healthcare System (DGWMiG) eV, Press Release

Patients expect the services they provide Care They directly serve and benefit them: relieve pain, support personal hygiene, and provide treatment information. Even services that Value Added be.

Not all activities are beneficial to the patient. If this added value is not available, we are talking about lose.

Presumably small errors often lead to High cost and frustration. As in this typical case of a clinic:

“The operating room calls the patient Mr. Paulus by phone on ward B1, but only reaches Mrs. Schulze, the nurse on the ward, on the third attempt, because she is busy taking care of the patient. (1.5 minutes). Then Mrs. Schulze tried to inform Mr. Tauber of the pick-up service, but she only reached him on the second attempt (1 minute). When Mr. Tauber was on site, he found that Mr. Paulus was not yet ready for examination: documents and locator aids were missing, his shirt had not been worn after surgery, the surgical area had not yet been shaved, and he had not been on the toilet. Herr Tauber is waiting for Herr Paulus to be ready (7.5 minutes). A bandage, round dormitory, and food cart block the way in the pavilion aisle. Mr. Tauber should push them all aside before he comes with the bed (5 minutes). “

lost time For calls, search, routes and hold: 15 minutes.

As an average result of our additional training, participants regularly set about 30 hours of ‘junk time’ from entry to exit in one afternoon—for just one patient.

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Wasted time shows you Value creation analysis On. She is part of us Practice-oriented business model، that you and your employees can design their processes independent Check the possibility of improvement and to improve ability. To avoid wasting so you No more searching, dialing, asking and waiting unnecessarily ought to.

Clinic benefits:

  • Reduce follow-up costs
  • Improving employee satisfaction
  • More time for patients
  • Better treatment quality

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He added, “We were encouraged to enter the facilities Regular workflow management Routine to save time and avoid waste by engaging in communication and motivating stakeholders to successfully develop their skills”

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