December 5, 2023

Ukraine tape: Shoigu confirms that the new Sarmat missile will be ready for use soon +++ Kremlin official killed in Kherson

According to Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, US President Joe Biden assured Germany that the United States can “count” on continued support for Ukraine.

Steinmeier said after the meeting in Washington that during the meeting held on October 6 at the White House in Washington, it was important for both of them to send a “signal.” We will continue to support Ukraine in its fight for its country, freedom and democracy.” The US President also expressed his conviction in the possibility of reaching a solution despite the chaos that the US Congress is witnessing.

Steinmeier in the United States: “Stand firmly with Ukraine”

Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier visits the White House in the USA: “We spoke in detail about the issues that concern us and all democrats: strong support for Ukraine, on the one hand, and of course also about the development of our liberal democracies in the country.” the West. And I can tell you up front that it was a real exchange between friends.

October 7, 2023

The temporary budget approved by Congress over the weekend does not provide any additional aid to Ukraine. This does not mean that the United States will stop supporting Ukraine from now on. But the money approved so far is running out and new money is needed.

US President Biden is trying to allay fears among NATO allies and their partners that US military aid to Kiev may run out. Steinmeier’s trip to Washington was a surprise. The White House designated German-American Friendship Day as the official reason for the visit.

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