May 23, 2024

UK Rap Anthem by Kam-Bu – ByteFM

British rapper Kam Bo on the single cover of today’s track “Live-O”

British rapper Kam-Bu released his first solo track in 2023 with our track of the day “Live-O”. While the MC wasn’t really on hiatus, the track looks like a major comeback. This is mainly due to the erotic energy of the piece, which sweeps through the history of British rave. This may be a new sensation for the artist from the south London borough of Brixton, but it’s not a complete surprise. Because even if the most popular UK hip-hop styles like grime and UK drill had audibly shaped his earlier productions, they never sounded like they were modeled on a genre drawing board. Because the pioneering spirit has always spoken louder than his beats like the historical consciousness.

Perceiving the origin of grime in post-rave primal soup in UK garage and woodland and its relationship to dubstep. Borrowings from the latter type in particular often softened the beat of the Kam-Bus and made it distinctive. But such a two-step offensive attack full of counter-seconds had never been made by Kam Po before. In February, however, the MC could already be heard on the stylistically related track “Evening Time” by P-rallel. During the release, producer described Kam-Bu as the perfect rapper for UK garage beats. Cam Po sees his new piece as an “ode to ‘free party’ culture and forest ravings” with “satirical lyrics [über] The misery of myself and today.” It is with this confusion in particular that the dance floor helps: “There is something about dancing that has always been liberating and always will be.”

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Kam-Bu’s single “Live-O” was released on the Off Grid/Believe label and today is our daily track. Hear and watch it here:

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