May 23, 2024

Japan and the United States see China as the biggest strategic challenge

Japan and the United States at a meeting on Wednesday agreed that China poses the greatest strategic challenge in the Indo-Pacific region and announced plans to ramp up deterrence and expand the scope of their security treaty to outer space.

In light of serious security threats also emanating from North Korea and Russia, Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi and Defense Minister Yasukazu Hamada agreed with his American counterparts Anthony Blinken and Lloyd Austin at a meeting in Washington to end the alliance between the two countries. Two countries are modernizing and improving.

China’s foreign policy aims at changing the international system

in Joint statement Both countries agree that China’s foreign policy aims to reshape the international order in its favour, and that China is using its growing political, economic, military and technological strength to this end.

While the Japanese and US armed forces aim to improve interoperability, the foreign and defense ministers said they will deepen cooperation to effectively deploy Japan’s counter-strike capabilities in long-range attacks and strengthen joint research and development of advanced defense equipment.

These efforts include initiating technological research into advanced responses in response to China’s progress in developing hypersonic weapons.

The United States welcomes Japan’s new strategies

“We very much welcome the new strategies, especially because, as we have all said, there is a marked convergence between our strategies and those of Japan,” US Secretary of State Blinken said at a joint press conference.

“Japan’s commitment to significantly increasing its defense spending and investing in defense institutions, infrastructure and capabilities will accelerate our alliance’s efforts,” said Defense Secretary Austin.

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