June 21, 2024

UK: 33 percentage points behind Labor - Conservatives lose support dramatically

UK: 33 percentage points behind Labor – Conservatives lose support dramatically

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The Conservatives are losing support dramatically – trailing Labor by 33 percentage points

FILE PHOTO: British Chancellor of the Exchequer Kwasi Kwarteng to present the mini-budget

British Prime Minister Liz Truss


Recent polls should sound alarm bells for British conservatives. According to this, new Prime Minister Liz Truss’s party is now 33 percentage points behind the opposition Labor Party. One reason is the controversial tax cuts.

DIn Great Britain, Prime Minister Liz Truss’ ruling Conservatives have dramatically lost voter support just days before the start of their party conference. The opposition Labor Party managed to further extend its lead in the polls on Thursday, as several opinion polls showed.

British Social Democrats lead the Conservatives by 33 percentage points, according to a YouGov poll commissioned by the conservative newspaper The Times. 54% of respondents said they would vote Labor, compared to 21% for the Tories.

A few days ago, YouGov was leading by just 17 percentage points. According to the Times, the new figure corresponds to the biggest poll lead by a party in Great Britain since the late 1990s. Labor led by 21 percentage points in a survey by the Salvation Institute.

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This photo, provided by Russian state agency Tass, shows a military unit testing an ICBM in 2016.

For Truss, whose Conservatives will meet at a conference in Birmingham from Sunday to Wednesday, it has been a disastrous record in their first four weeks in office. The poor survey results were preceded by a strong reaction from financial markets to the British government’s tax cut plans unveiled last week. After all, the rich should benefit from it. But investors did not approve of the proposed measures without plans for counter-financing: the pound exchange rate fell to a record low against the US dollar. The UK central bank had to step in and buy long-term government bonds to prevent pension funds from collapsing. Liz Truss has replaced Boris Johnson as Prime Minister since early September. The next general election in Great Britain is expected in 2024.

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