February 25, 2024

Tyrol: Fire brigade rescues 27 guests from the balconies of a burning hotel

The Kirchberg in Tirol community is located close to the famous winter sports resort of Kitzbühel.

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As a hotel in Kirchberg in Tyrol caught fire, the fire department had to evacuate 27 hotel guests to safety. Seven people were taken to hospital due to suspected smoke inhalation.

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  • Due to a fire, guests of a hotel in Kirchberg in Tirol AT were forced to flee to the balconies on Saturday night.
  • The fire department pulled the hotel guests from the burning building using stairs.
  • Seven people had to go to hospital due to suspected smoke inhalation.
  • It is still unclear what caused the fire to break out.

When a hotel in Kirchberg in Tyrol, Austria, caught fire on Saturday, 27 hotel guests were rescued from balconies using ladders and revolving ladders. Six people were taken to hospital for suspected smoke poisoning, and another guest went to hospital alone.

Police said one firefighter suffered burns, but the four hotel employees were unharmed. The causes of the fire and the extent of the damage were not known at first.

The fire spread quickly

The fire broke out in one of the rooms around 1 a.m. and spread quickly. Due to the thick smoke, it was impossible for the hotel guests to escape through the stairwell.

While the fire brigade carried out the first firefighting operations through the main entrance, the hotel guests who fled to the balconies were transported to safety at the same time. The community organized all guests to stay in emergency accommodation.

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According to police, the damage to the building was extensive. Emergency services were on scene with a large force. The municipal road was closed while the fire was extinguished.