February 25, 2024

There is a lot of snow in the mountains now

After a harsh winter at the beginning of December, there was no snow in the lower regions throughout Switzerland. This weekend it should happen again. The snow line has decreased significantly since yesterday, Friday.

The maximum snowfall is currently about 800 meters above sea level, which is why there are not enough snowflakes in the lowlands yet. On Sunday night, snow will also fall in the lower areas.

By Sunday at the latest, rain will turn to snow in St. Gallen, Zurich, Bern and Basel. The federal government has raised the warning level due to new snowfall this weekend.

Of course, most of the snow is in the mountains. In the Lenzerheide ski area, for example, there was 20 cm of new snow, which is why an avalanche had to be carried out. This is what the pictures from Nau.ch show.

There were similar amounts of fresh snow in Zuoz, Davos, Laax and Obersaxen. It rarely snowed anywhere else Saturday night as much as it did at San Bernadino Ski Area (45 cm).

Two weather phenomena are responsible for the white spectacle: a low pressure over the Adriatic Sea and a high pressure area over northern Europe, ensuring that Switzerland is exposed to cold polar air. The winds are moving towards the north, making the weather bearish.

From Sunday onwards, there will be an icy breeze in addition to the cold, according to the SRF Meteo website. It will blow especially strongly at the beginning of next week.

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There will be some icy days with freezing air in the Maitland area, with temperatures well below zero in the afternoon. Wind makes temperatures cooler.

So, end warmly! Whether you're going to be skiing or just hiking, your winter gear should be ready for this weather.