December 9, 2023

Triathlon: Great Britain wins gold in German mixed quartet in sixth place

Triathlon: Great Britain wins gold in German mixed quartet in sixth place

Great Britain won its first Olympic bid for the mixed relay race in a triathlon. On Saturday, the quartet won at Odaiba Marine Park, Tokyo, by 14 seconds over the United States.

Mixed with Gold: Jonathan Brownlee and Great Britain.
Getty Images

The French team won the bronze medal. The German team that started with Laura Lindemann (Potsdam), Annabel Knoll (Nuremberg), Jonas Schaumburg (Hanover) and Justus Nischlag (Lehrt) finished sixth under the eyes of IOC President Thomas Bach, 36 seconds off the bronze.

At Lindemann, Germany submitted the first trump card in the race, handing the third World Cup power swimmer Schaumburg a close second at the same time as the USA’s lead. In fifth, he was about 30 seconds ahead. As expected, the 27-year-old stayed in Group A in swimming and cycling, sending Knoll on his lap fourth behind Great Britain, the USA and the Netherlands.

The daughter of former national coach Roland Knoll took the position at temperatures around 30 degrees and handed it over to Nischlag after a tough race. The 29-year-old fought a three-way battle for fourth place with Belgium and the Netherlands, but had to admit defeat to both rivals in the sprint.

Mixed competition was part of the Olympic program for the first time. Starting with the triathlon, each team member had to swim 300 metres, bike 6.8 kilometers and then run two kilometres. After withdrawing from Austria due to injury, 16 teams eventually started in Tokyo Bay.

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