Demonstrators demand an independent investigation into Canadian boarding schools for Aboriginal children

Hundreds of protesters have called for an independent investigation into the incidents that followed the discovery of hundreds of unidentified graves on the grounds of former boarding schools for Aboriginal children in Canada.

The basics in brief

  • Hundreds of unidentified graves have been discovered on the site of former boarding schools.

On Saturday (local time) people gathered to protest Parliament House in Ottawa. “Indigenous peoples need truth and justice,” MP Mimlak Qaqaq of the left-wing National Democratic Party wrote on Instagram. You and another deputy from the National Party have invited to the demonstration.

The party calls for the appointment of a special prosecutor and an “independent investigation into Canada’s crimes against indigenous peoples in the presence of international observers.” He called on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Justice Minister David Lamty to “stop looking for excuses”.

People were shocked by the number of graves that were found. “These are not accidents, these are not tragedies, they are symbolic of a policy designed to exterminate a people,” NDP politician Charlie Angus, CBC anchor, said.

Since the end of May, more than a thousand unidentified graves have been found near the former boarding schools of Aboriginal children. In Canada, since 1874, about 150,000 children of Aboriginal and mixed couples have been separated from their families and culture and placed in church homes to force them to adapt to the white majority community.

Many of them were abused or sexually assaulted at home. According to previous information, at least 4,000 of these children died, many of them from tuberculosis. The last of these schools did not close until the 1990s.

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