Top-ranked Niners champion Issia Mike relegated to the Canadian Elite League

Isiha Mike has founded a new Premier League club in Canada. Is it the end of Chemnitz?

Chemnitz – subordinate Niners Chemnitz To Scarborough Shooting Stars – Isiaha Mike (24) has found a new top-tier club in his native Canada. Chemnitz’s end, who would like to sign the scene man for another year?

Isaiah Mike (24) is playing in the elite league in his native Canada this summer. It is still unclear if he will then return to the Niners. © Imago / Ebner

Niners fans (for now) can breathe a sigh of relief. Mike plays with Shooting Stars in the Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL).

“This is a pure summer league with ten teams playing their matches from the end of May to the beginning of August,” explains Matthias Patlock, a spokesperson for the Niners. “The performance gap at CEBL is very high. You can sometimes find players who have been active in the Europa League for the past season or for a while. Longer than the time, but there are also some freshmen who just came from college.”

In other words, the average level of performance is definitely lower than the German BBL. Seasoned professionals like Mike take the opportunity to make money and stay fit at home during the summer before the NBA Summer League begins or before returning to Europe.

Patloch: “In this regard, it is only a short-term engagement Isha Mike In the summer months when not under contract elsewhere. Where he will play from the fall, with us in the BBL or with another European team or even in the NBA, that will only be decided in the negotiations over the coming weeks.”

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