October 5, 2023

NBA, Boston Celtics: Jersey's mysterious message against Golden State Warriors - US-SPORT NBA BASKETBALL

NBA, Boston Celtics: Jersey’s mysterious message against Golden State Warriors – US-SPORT NBA BASKETBALL

What a final!

The Boston Celtics beat the Golden State Warriors 116-100 at home in the third playoff round of their NBA best-of-seven series — and are up 2-1.

Game 4 takes place Friday night (3 a.m.) in Boston. In Germany, the game can be watched live on DAZN or with an NBA League Pass (€24.99 per month).


Klopp Laughing PK
“It looks good!”

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A huge start for Boston! It’s 24:9 ten minutes into the first quarter. The quarter ends at 33:22. In the first half, the Celtics lead 68-56 – which is clear for the homeowners.

hidden message: Celtic stars Al Horford and Jason Tatum sport a small black shirt patch featuring the number 24 – in memory of late Celtic legend Sam Jones.

With the Warriors, star Steve Curry was not able to shine for long, even attracting attention with a “swallow” at first when he raises an offensive foul and only after contact wanes with a time delay. The referee falls in love with her…

Then the curry sausage becomes Super Steve!

Led by the King of the Three, the warriors catch up point by point. At the end of the third quarter, Curry had 29 points and the guest count increased to 89:93. Now everything is suddenly back in place.

But in the fourth quarter, the Celtics came back again to claim their second win in their third final clear.

Bitterness multiplier for warriors: In the end, Curry gets another one, and he has to leave the field and get treated.


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