June 23, 2024

Three Trump Judges on the Committee – Biden wants to reform the Supreme Court

After Donald Trump has appointed three new judges to the US Supreme Court, the new US president wants to check, among other things, whether the term of office can be restricted.

President Joe Biden believes that some things in the U.S. Supreme Court could be improved.

Photo: Andrew Harnick (Keystone)

US President Joe Biden has set up a committee to reform the Supreme Court. The White House said on Friday that the committee must address potential reform proposals, their viability and urgency. The questions to be examined should include not only the total number of Supreme Court justices but also the length of their tenure. The panelists – including law professors, lawyers, and former judges – are supposed to submit a final report six months after the first meeting.

The nine Supreme Court justices are appointed for life. Your choice is a very competitive political process. Former President Donald Trump and his Republicans in the Senate were able to appoint three justices to the Supreme Court, which is why six of the nine justices are currently conservative. Most recently, Trump was after that Liberal Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies She put up immense pressure last September to fill her seat with Conservative Attorney Amy Connie Barrett ahead of the November elections.

During the election campaign, calls were heard from Democrats to reform the composition of the Supreme Court. For example, restricting judges ’tenure was discussed in order to allow each president to present roughly the same number of nominations to the court. The expansion of the court was also discussed with additional judges. Prominent Republicans, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, are firmly against reform.

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