April 21, 2024

Three meters of snow is expected to fall on the West Coast of the United States

Driver on Interstate 80.

Jane Engelska/Bay Area News Group/AFP/DPA

There has been a snow storm in California and Nevada in the past few hours. Snow is expected to reach three meters in some areas.

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  • A severe snowstorm is blowing in the western United States.
  • Snow is expected to reach three meters in some places.

A violent winter storm swept parts of the American states of California and Nevada. The National Weather Service announced on Friday evening (local time) that the largest amounts of snow were expected to fall on Saturday night. Heavy snow should continue to fall throughout the day. New snow up to three meters high is expected to fall in some areas.

The blizzard dropped large amounts of snow in the Sierra Nevada mountain range on Friday, and a 160-kilometre section of California's highway, Interstate 80, was closed. Tens of thousands of households were without power.

The National Weather Service warned of a high risk of avalanches in the mountains, including the ski area around Lake Tahoe. Many elevator operators closed their facilities on Friday and did not want to open them on Saturday either. Yosemite National Park must also remain closed until at least midday Sunday.


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