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The phrase “Pepperoni habanero almond pancakes” sounds like a bunch of tasty stuff, but it’s a very safe passphrase from the generator. Photo:

(Photo: dpa)

the site It helps here and provides alternatives to encoded character sets. based on webcomic XKCD Passphrases are generated here, that is, strings of words separated by spaces. The special thing about this site: There are always nutritional ingredients. Do you want an example? Rosemary Wheat Tea Pie. Or “almond oil, rapeseed and walnut kebab”.

More words, more choices, more effort

The idea behind it: Complex passwords are hard to crack. By grouping many words together in a passphrase, the possible combinations increase. The more combinations possible, the more effective it takes to crack the password – even at some point it is no longer worth it.

The password generator can be set for passphrases of three to ten words – all with a culinary background.

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Thank you for the source of ideas

However, passphrases cannot be used without restrictions: for example, some web services still require uppercase and lowercase letters, special characters, or numbers in passwords. Then it should be combined into passphrases if necessary. is a source of ideas and a small occasion for dealing with the topic of passwords or passphrases. More information about password security can be found, for example, at website Federal Office for Information Security.

Itadakimasu is a traditional thank you phrase from Japan that is uttered before a meal. Appreciation should be given to everyone involved in setting up and honoring nature.

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XKCD on password strength


BSI about passwords

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