July 12, 2024

This is how EC Bad Nauheim goes to the weekend

This is how EC Bad Nauheim goes to the weekend

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to: Michael Nicholas

Focus in the cabin aisle! EC Bad Nauheim recently won by nine points from three matches. © Andreas Chuk

Coach Harry Lange has to lay off two players at the weekend. In addition, it seems that the European Commission in Bad Nauheim is forced to act in relation to personnel in the medium term.

(minute). 22 points in the first quarter of the main round. Only twice – in the 2019/20 (25) and 2021/22 (27) seasons – EC Bad Nauheim had more points after 13 games. And this despite the turmoil in preparation and a bumpy start. Now, Friday night (8pm) in Bayreuth and Sunday (6.30pm, Colonel Knight City) against Ravensburg, the Reds want to capitalize on their latest performance, the previous week’s nine points. “We will only have a chance of success if we show 100 percent performance over 60 minutes,” warns Harry Lange, coach, who has to deal with people in the medium term; For a happy reason.

This is how the Red Devils go to the weekend: Promotional license player Pascal Stick was part of Dell’s squad at Kolner High on Wednesday evening. On Thursday, Kevin Nedens was called up for another Rhinelanders failure. Due to injury, Robin van Kallster is not an option yet – in Cologne and Bad Neuheim.

Don’t be fooled by looking at the table. »Something is happening in Bayreuth. The team is coming even if the number of points has not yet appeared. We have to be prepared so this team doesn’t find their rhythm against us,” says Lange. He adds that he is looking forward to Sunday’s home game, which is a repeat of last year’s semi-final. On paper, the Towerstars roster might look worse. But you can’t see that on the ice.”

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In the national team: Richard Papoulis is part of the U-20 squad for the four-nation tournament in Monti, Switzerland. The national team meets from November 8 to 13, that is, when DEL2 is on respite. However: if Papoulis jumps into the squad for the World Cup in Canada, he will be missing from the Red Devils including preparations from December 12 to January 5, which will force the Hessians to act; The obvious thing to do again is certainly support from the Cologne cooperation. Also in the November U20 team is Van Calester. Kevin Niddens may have a problem with the call. Former UEFA captain and short-term assistant coach Patrick Strauch remains part of the national under-20 coaching staff.

Friday Bayreuth Discount: Wagnerstadters have only had ‘three’ this season – and that’s in Bad Nauheim of all places. So the Red Devils still have something to make up for. By just seven points, the Bayreuth Tigers are last in the standings. Although a well-known team again. The “Change Coach” card has already been played (assistant coach Mark Vorderbruggen has replaced Ruben Farkas) and the team’s first pulses have been given. Veterans Lukas Slavetinsky (to Füssen) and Freddy Cabana (to Heilbronn) were sorted. With Branden Gracel, a former DEL2 scorer (Kaufbeuren) has been signed to create some competitive pressure on the import positions. Striking: The team has won just one point at home so far.

Sunday competitor Ravensburg Champions 2019, semi-finals 2021, finals 2022. No other club is consistently ahead – and this year again. The Upper Swabians are fourth and have been making quite a splash lately with a 9-1 win over Dresden. Compared to the previous season, Théophile Daniel Heinrichi has revived the team as sporting director at Ravensburg. With Vincent Meyer and David Zucker, two of the veterans who have shaped the team into German positions for years, are no longer around this season. On the other hand, Robbie Czarnik (top scorer with 13 points) and Josh MacDonald, who only participated last year in the second half of the season, can already convince them about outside positions. The already strong defense was developed by Oliver Granz (formerly Kassel). In addition to Heinriche, other former Devils are coming to Bad Neuheim with the Tower Stars on Sunday in the form of defender Simon Jeneb and forwards Max Haderschek and Charlie Sarlault.

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