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Laura McAllister and Evelyn Kristlin: An unequal duel for the FIFA Council - Football

Laura McAllister and Evelyn Kristlin: An unequal duel for the FIFA Council – Football

If Tuesday (April 20, 2021) is the 45th regular day UEFA– Conference in Montreux Meet in Switzerland, the election of European representatives also means FIFAThe council, the top decision-making body of the World Football Confederation, is on the agenda. The UEFA Eight seats are entitled to one of them being occupied by a woman. And now two women are fighting for this who could not be more different: the incumbent Evelina Kristlin, A successful businesswoman from Turin, and her rival, the former national player Laura McAllister Outside Wells.

This asymmetric duel almost happened in 2016. But the now repealed regulation is from 1946, according to which only one representative from Great Britain will FIFAThe nomination of the council was allowed, and the application was prevented at that time McAllisters. Italian Kristlin It was accordingly without opposition in FIFACouncil elected.

McAllister As the first former player to join the FIFA Council?

This also applies to this choice Evelina Kristlin As a favorite, she knows behind one of the strongest football leagues in Europe. Laura McAllister On the other hand it comes from the little one WellsWho his national men’s team managed to reach the semi-finals of the European Championship in 2016, but otherwise was underdeveloped. He saw himself this way McAllister At the start of her election campaign, she is now looking confidently toward Tuesday’s election.

“We even feel we have momentum on our side.”, explained McAllister Sports show versus. With 40 federations out of 55 UEFA They almost met, the feedback was consistently positive and constructive. “My experience and my level of fame in football is a huge advantage.”She sure.

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The 56-year-old professor of politics is no longer a blank page in European football. From 1994 to 2001 she captained the Welsh national women’s team as captain, after her football career she remained in football. Until he sits McAllister Member of the Board of Directors of the Welsh Football Association and Vice-Chair of the Women’s Football Committee UEFA.

With her nomination, she meets the zeitgeist of European football McAllister convinced: “Member federations know that we are in FIFA-Rat and also in all other decision-making bodies need women who know the game well. “ In fact, the Welsh would be the first former female player in the FIFA-Mouse.

Kristlin Maintains a close relationship with Annelie-a family

Kristlin On the other hand, football has never been actively played, it mainly moves in the better circles in its hometown of Turin. Although she can look back on her experience as a sports official – as managing director of the Organizing Committee, she was heavily involved in the successful implementation of the Olympic Games in Turin in 2006 – it is her friendship with football that binds her above all with football. Annelies, One of the most influential families in Italy, with which she has been closely associated with her since her youth.

In addition to the traditional car company Fiat where Kristlin In the eighties of the last century, she began her career, where she bore the title Annelies Majority stake in the Italian “old lady” Juventus Turin. On the 100th anniversary celebrations Kristlin As curator of the exhibition. The current head of “Yuves” is Andrea Agnelli, Who was represented in 2015 as a representative of European Club Association In the UEFA– The Executive Committee was elected. It took a year later Kristlin Their seat in it FIFA– Rath, who is preparing her first and only role in football to this day.

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Talk about football with authority and credibility

While the 65-year-old Italian backed away from public pronouncements in the run-up to the election – it also left a sports show request unanswered. Laura McAllister With the publication of an eight-page manifesto their aspirations became crystal clear. She wants to promote women’s football at the grassroots level and make sure to promote both small and powerful nations.

But the fundamental question that arises is why two women should campaign for a seat at all when in theory there are five others, but only men are applying for it.

It’s actually positive that measures absolutely have been taken to encourage a female voice in FIFAShe gave warranty advice McAllister To look at compared to a sports show. “For me, it is essential that the women who sit on the FIFA Council are able to speak about football with authority and credibility.” Therefore, there is a need for women in managerial positions who used to play themselves, whether they were referees or coaches.

Whether this statement McAllisters As a criticism of its competitor Kristlin It should be understood, left unanswered. However, one thing is for sure: It won’t be as easy as 2016 at elections on Tuesday.

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