December 4, 2023

The Voice 2023 – “Can I Be Him”: Linus Nehrig dazzles with an emotional performance

Shirin sends the talented Linus to the race against Giovanni’s team.

Linus Nehrig of Team Shirin David sings for the hot seat spot from Dan Mudd of Team Giovanni Zarrella. Linus charms with an emotional rendition of James Arthur’s “Can I Be Him” ​​and is admired by his coach, Sherine. But can Linus also win over the audience for the coveted spot on the hot seat?

Will Giovanni’s team lose the hot seat?

The decision is up in the air: Will Team Giovanni keep the hot seat or will Team Shirin take over? The audience has the opportunity to vote to decide who will win the battle. Coaches are not allowed to comment on talent until after voting. Who will come out on top in the end and win?

A song about heartbreak: “Can I Be Him” ​​by James Arthur

“Can I Be Him” ​​was released on James Arthur’s 2017 album Back From The Edge.

The song is about a person who has a crush on another person and wants to be with them. However, the person you are in love with already has a partner.

The song has sold over 652,000 copies in the United Kingdom. Parts of the music video were filmed in the Nuremberg subway.

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