July 16, 2024

The tour can go on: Justin Bieber returns to the stage – Entertainment

The tour can go on: Justin Bieber returns to the stage – Entertainment

It looks like Justin Bieber has fully recovered and is now back on stage. Photo: Jack Fordyce/Shutterstock

Justin Bieber gave his first live show a few weeks after his shock diagnosis. The singer also wants to come to Germany on his tour.

Justin Bieber, 28, shocked his fans with a video in June. The singer explained on Instagram that he suffers from hemiplegia due to the so-called Ramsay Hunt syndrome. On Sunday, he was able to perform live on stage in Italy for the first time after his illness became known. Then Bieber shared several impressions of his performance at Luca Summer Festival on Instagram on August 1.

“I love you guys and I miss you”, He writes in a series of pictures Photographed by Evan Batirakis. In a joint clip, Bieber also thanks “every one” of his fans They came to his performance. In another video, Which seems to have originated before the show The singer explains: “What a wonderful evening. […] I am very grateful to be back.”

His wife, Hailey Bieber (25), was also there to support him on the “World Justice Tour”. Your presence Featured on her Instagram Stories A short clip in which her husband stands on stage. She wrote that she knew for a fact that “this guy” can’t be broken.

Next year he will come to Germany

The 28-year-old had to postpone several layovers on his US tour until he could recover. Alternative dates will be announced soon He said in mid-June. After performing in Italy and five other shows in Europe, the singer will initially go to South America, Asia and Australia.

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on me His website advertises Justin Bieber Currently also giving several concerts in Germany. However, these are only listed for the next year. In January you are supposed to go to Hamburg and Cologne, in February to Frankfurt am Main and Berlin. A performance is scheduled in Munich in March.

“I wanted to give you guys an update on what’s going on. As you can probably see from my face, I have a syndrome called Ramsay Hunt Syndrome,” Bieber announced on June 10. He showed that he could not blink or smile, among other things, on one side of his completely paralyzed face. “He’s getting better every day,” Hailey Bieber said a few days later. In light of all the clarity in the American program “Good Morning America”..