July 14, 2024

“The team has not achieved anything yet.”

“The team has not achieved anything yet.”

Eye-catching: There are six new additions to the starting lineup against Zurich. With them, the team brings great energy to the field. There are emotions in the game, there is a fight for every ball, especially in the second half.

Club legend Ernie Mason likes this situation too. “What’s important – and you’ve seen it – is that the mentality is right in this team. We can build on that,” the 65-year-old says on FCB Total.

Mason is happy with the new players. He particularly liked midfielder Renato Vega against FCZ. “He is a playmaker, he takes responsibility. For me he was the most popular player on the pitch.”

Defender Adrian Barisic is also receiving praise from Ernie Maesen. “It’s a tower at the back and doesn’t allow much. In the defensive area that provides a certain amount of security.

The classic undoubtedly gave Basel fans confidence. Despite its many positive aspects, Maysen also puts an end to euphoria.

The former offensive tackle says Nate’s break comes at the right time. “This team hasn’t achieved anything yet. Now it has to pick up where it left off, otherwise everything will be worthless again.

“The team currently has a lot of talent,” Mason continued. However, he warns: “We really had that, and eventually it all fizzled out again.”

The club legend is certain that the combination rings true at Bayern at the moment. “There are enough players, now you have to get the best out of them. That is the coach’s job,” emphasizes Ernie Mason.

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Timo Schulz now has two weeks to do so. After the international break, Basel will only play again on 16 September in the cup against inter-regional second division side FC Bosphorus.