October 3, 2023

The state governor and many celebrities mingled with the guests – 5 minutes – news and current events

Published September 17, 2023 at 6:06 pm

After the inauguration, the state governor immersed himself in the sea of ​​traditional costumes on Graz’s Herringas Street, and visited some squares in the city center.

The Aufsteirern reception is a meeting point and a place to say “thank you”.

The Aufsteirern tradition also includes a reception invited by the state governor together with the organizational team from the cultural agency iVents. On the one hand, this is a popular meeting place, and on the other hand, it should be an opportunity to express thanks, as the State Governor emphasized in his welcoming words: “I would like to thank the organizers – Alexandra, Astrid, Marcos and Giuseppe – and the popular cultural associations, without which it would not have been possible.” For this great program to be possible, the joy of life in Styria would not exist, and of course with all the sponsors and supporters who make it possible for those ascending.

The British Ambassador is an international guest of honor for the state governor

“Throughout the weekend, not only the diversity but also the unified character of Offstern and thus the Styrian lifestyle is evident in the center of Graz. We all know that Styria is prominent and unique not only among the Austrian federal states. “We all know that Styria is prominent and unique not only among the Austrian federal states,” said the state governor, who was happy to visit UK Ambassador: “This year, the Aufsteirern Reception 2023 also proves that Aufsteirern and Styrian popular culture is also respected and popular internationally.” Lindsey Samantha School, He was happy. The invitation to visit the Stirer Festival came during a conversation during the ambassador’s inaugural visit to the state governor at Graz Castle a few months ago.

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Many guests from politics, business, interest groups, media, culture and sport

Guests at the Aufsteirern reception also included many guests from politics, business, interest groups, media, culture and sport. Among others, Federal Minister Martin PolaszekSpeaker of the state parliament Manuela KhomDeputy Governor Anton Langeformer Federal Minister, University President Beatrix Karl And former state governor Hermann Schützenhofer. Chief Sturm was also among the guests Christian JockSturm’s former player Mario Haas and former ÖSV ski racer Nicole SchmidhoferState Governor Drexler thanked the Deputy Director of the State Police, Major General, for deploying hundreds of police officers who ensure security in Offstern. Joachim Huber.

Group photo from the opening of the Aufsteirern in the main square in Graz

© State of Styria/Kanizaj

© State of Styria/Kanizaj