June 23, 2024

The right initiation for a trans woman

Pulling in Powerlifting: Can Transgender Athletes Compete in Women’s Competitions? (IMAGO / Bildbyran / IMAGO / SIMON HASTEGÃRD)

Since the court ruling, all powerlifting competitions, a form of heavy athletics, have been banned in Minnesota. According to the court, the USAPL violated the human rights of trans women by its decision not to allow transgender athletes to compete in women’s competitions. Marchie Smith of Women’s Sports “Icons” Association, a former world class swimmer, is of the opinion that all Minnesota powerlifters are discriminated against by the ruling.

The debate over transgender people in competitive sports has become part of a heated political debate in the United States – with conflicting rules and conflicting legislation. Some states prioritize the protection of trans human rights, and many university leagues allow trans women in the category of women.

Sometimes there is no school sport for transgender people

This is exactly what is forbidden elsewhere. For example, in 20 US states, transgender students are not allowed to participate in school sports in the class that matches their gender identity. On the other hand, the US government wants to make such bans partially ineffective with a new law.

As a result, the USAPL Powerlifting Association is in trouble. It breaks regulations elsewhere due to a Minnesota decision allowing transgender women to compete in the women’s class. The USAPL represents 27,000 amateurs and recently created a separate category for transgender people and people in powerlifting.

The Powerlifting Association wants to go to the Supreme Court

But the court called this chapter and chapter. The Just Society’s argument that trans women have increased body mass and muscle did not convince the judge either. But federation president Larry Mayle, a psychologist, stressed today that his federation wants to include and support transgender athletes. But this does not mean that others should not be denied their opportunities.

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The USAPL president announced that, if necessary, they would go to the Supreme Court. His association is non-political, and it is a sports association. “We are forced to become activists,” said Miley. The debate about transgender people and sports in the United States has reached a new level of escalation, far beyond the borders of Minnesota and weightlifting.