April 25, 2024

Denver Broncos signs George Patton to a six-year deal as general manager

Denver Broncos signs George Patton to a six-year deal as general manager

according to Denver Broncos, They finalized a six-year deal with the soon-to-be ex Minnesota Vikings Assistant General Manager and Vice President Players Affairs, George Patton, to be the new General Manager of the team.

Just last week, John Elway resigned as team general manager and promoted himself within the Bronco. Then the team set out to search for and interview potential alternatives to Elway. They settled on five candidates. George Patton, Champion Bears Kelly, Saints Terry Fontenot, L. Patriots Dave Ziegler and Broncos own Brian Stark. The last two candidates ended up being Patton and Fontenot, but in the end, the Bronco decided to hire Patton.

Patton spent a total of 14 seasons with the Vikings organization and was Rick Spielman’s right-hand man for the majority of that time. He’s been a celebrity when it comes to interviewing public administration positions over the past decade or so, but he ultimately decided no job was the right job and stayed with Spielman and the Vikings. Now, Broncos is finally lured in to be their general manager.

Tom Bellisero of NFL Network recently spoke with Eric Diala of the Denver Broncos and said that Patton is “He is one of the most respected men in the world in the entire NFL.”.

“ George Patton is one of the most respected men globally in the entire NFL. [He’s] Someone – whether you talk to people who are friends, people who competed against him, or people who just know him from exploring on the road – no one has a bad word to say about him. Certainly, there aren’t many people I can think of who would be more apt to be GM, which – given that George has been pursued, I don’t even know, a dozen or more jobs the past seven or eight years, maybe – It is not a surprise. “

Bellisero also highlights Patton’s draft of the Vikings’ resume. He was heavily involved in the scouts and staff section of this team who crafted and signed some of the best players in the NFL right now.

“George is on college trips. He spends time on the road. He’s also clearly deeply involved with people and has worked alongside Rick Spielman on a lot of different things. This is a kind of mental trust on the part of the staff, along with Rob Brzezinski, who is in charge of A lot of work [and] The salary cap is important. These are the people who have been in charge of Minnesota for so long. If you look at the draft Vikings record, the number Pro Bowl The shots they found, the number of young players up there, whether I look up and down in defense that I can list them all over the years, I mean the people who are still there: Harrison Smith, Eric Kendricks, Anthony Barr, Daniel Hunter; Of the men who have moved through the years: Obviously, Everson Griffin, Xavier Rhodes, and Tra Waines. They had really good players. Offensively, he contracted Adam Tillen from the experience, drafted Stefon Diggs, now drafted Justin Jefferson, and drafted Dalvin Cook, who fell in the second round because people were not comfortable with him, and the Vikings did all the extra duties and were comfortable with him. That’s not all George, but he did have a hand in this whole process. So, of course. All you can think of [that] You need a general manager to do it, George has been involved in that in some way in Minnesota, which makes him a really impressive candidate for other teams. “

Patton is being handed a young attacking roster that appears to be on the verge of transforming into one of the strongest units in the league. However, he has some tough decisions to make in order to move forward with the team. First, it will be the contracts for Von Miller and Justin Simmons.

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Von is at the end of his career and misses the entire 2020 NFL season. Will Patton decide to move on from John Elway’s first draft pick? Or pick an iPhone option and keep it with the team for another year?

With Simmons, I think it’s a much easier decision. Patton knows what All-Pro safety means for defense (he had Harrison Smith in Minnesota) so keeping the Simmons with the Broncos should be a priority. I don’t think we see Simmons leaving town.

Next, there are some high priced veterans who could be victims. These players are defensive midfielder Jurrell Casey, full back AJ Bouye and Salama Kareem Jackson. Will he decide to move on from one, two or three of those veterans and free up a great deal of cover space? It can go either way.

Finally, we have the Quarterback Center. Will Patton be in Drew Lock the same way as John Elway? Or will he decide to go his own way and get a veteran or draft man to be that guy? Could we ever see him move completely out of Locke? It could be either way and it will be something that we’ll talk about heavily in the coming weeks and months of this out of season.

Ultimately, I love this appointment by Bronco. Patton would likely have gotten a general manager job years ago if he wanted to, making him finally decide to choose Bronco should make us feel good about the future of our franchise. I’m excited to have a new group of eyes running this organization. Elway has brought some life and success to this team, but the past five years have been tough and there has been a need for change. I’m excited to see who Patton brings to fill his front desk, too. Either way, these are exciting times for the Broncos franchise and I’m excited to see what the future holds for us.

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